Service Video Recording & Live Streaming

Capture the stories and memories

of your loved one

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Include family & friends - no matter their circumstance

Do you have family or friends that might not be able to attend due to distance, health, or commitments? Recording a service gives everyone the opportunity to be included. With a simple email invitation or link, they can be a part of the day and experience closure remotely. Watching live or later - the opportunity is created for everyone to process things in their own time.

"We are so grateful for what this meant to people who could not travel or make the funeral.” - Greta (sister)

Watch the service again, away from the emotions of the day

Emotions and commitments on the day can be overwhelming, which might stray you away from taking in the beautiful stories shared. Recording the service means nothing is missed, you can watch it whenever you are ready.

After the service, downloading the recording is simple and can be shared with any of your friends and family.

"I cannot tell you how many times I have replayed the Service, to listen and take in everything that was said." - Debbie (daughter)

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Preserve special memories for future generations

Sentimental moments shared can be passed down to future generations.  Preserve this celebration of your loved one's life as a record for grandchildren or great-grandchildren to watch as they grow older.

How a service recording works


The funeral home schedules the service recording


Receive an email invitation to forward to family and friends


When the service starts, the cameras begin streaming and recording automatically


Download and view

Recording and streaming options



Live streaming and recording is available inside and outside the chapel. 



Open the service to everyone or share it with a specific group - it’s entirely up to you.

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Talk to your funeral director about recording options